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Storopack is a specialist in protective packaging and technical molded parts. It has a legacy of over 150 years in the business of protecting products. As a global, family-run company, tradition and innovation play a key role in everything we do. Our aim is to offer customers the perfect protective packaging solution and support them over the long term – this idea is what shapes our daily activities.

The Packaging division offers flexible protective packaging with air cushions, paper pads, PU foam packaging systems, loose-fill packaging materials, and their integration into existing packaging processes.

The Packaging division offers flexible protective packaging with air cushions, paper pads, PU foam packaging systems, loose-fill packaging materials, and their integration into existing packaging processes.

Our Goal for 2025 is ‘USING ATLEAST 50% RAW MATERIAL MADE FROM RECYCLED AND RENEWABLE RESOURCES.’ And at Storopack, we are committed and are working diligently towards this larger goal. We focus on a lot of research on recycled material and products. We take pride in being the first company to bring a 100% recycled AIRplus® film in the market. Not only this, Storopack has a range of products that are sustainable and eco-friendly

  • AIRplus® B IO
  • FOAMplus® 5504R

With working on improving the product offering we have collaboration with initiatives dedicated to combating plastic waste such as Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, Operation Clean Sweep and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

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Aptar Beauty + Home is a global leader in consumer dispensing systems and packaging by creating delightful product experiences, resolutely responsible and infinitely Innovative.

We cover a broad scope of market fields from Fragrance, Cosmetics, and Personal Care to the whole spectrum of Home Care. While our traditional expertise focuses on dispensing technologies, we provide comprehensive solutions that range from the design and manufacture of packaging components to full packaging systems. Pumps, closures, sampling devices, lipstick cases, flexible packs, valves or Airless systems make our range the largest of the market.

In the Beauty sector we are known for combining innovative dispensing with premium aesthetics, providing solutions for the luxury skin care, cosmetic and perfumery markets, as well as turnkey services ideal for indie brands and the fast beauty market.

For Personal care, a wide variety of solutions for liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, sun protection, hair care products and body lotions are offered.

Aptar Beauty + Home has a full range of Home Care dispensing systems for applications such as laundry care, surface cleansing, , disinfectants, air fresheners and pet care.

Present in twenty countries on five continents, we cater to more than 6000 customers around the world .

Founded in September 1994, K&S has established itself as a top tier IP law firm in India. With more than 110 professionals and staff of 140 spread over six offices across the country, K&S handles the entire spectrum of IP rights including patents, designs, trademarks, copyright, geographical indications, plant varieties, trade secrets and related matters.

K&S Partners has been a trailblazer in creating a highly skilled professional team to handle patent matters on emerging complex technologies ranging from stem cell therapy to artificial intelligence and business analytics. 90% of our patent attorneys have advanced technical degrees, giving us a unique advantage in protecting the dynamically developing innovations of our clients.

Our trademark team has members whose experience ranges from one to four decades. The trademark team handles the entire spectrum of services in areas comprising advisory and transactional, protection, enforcement (civil, and criminal) as well as policy formulation. Geographical indications (GI) and border enforcement of IPRs are two such areas where we not only represent the crème de la crème of clients in India and abroad, but also assist the Government in policy making.

Our litigation practice has highly experienced litigators equipped to handle all aspects of enforcement of IP rights in India. Our patent litigators have technical qualifications – giving them an edge in complex patent litigation.

Freyr is a leading consumer services and solutioning company with an innovative approach for DIGITAL FORMULATION ASSESSMENTS and 200+ experts that empower 300+ clients in launching their products globally. With regional offices in Europe, North America, MENA and APAC and a vast partner network spanning 120 countries, Freyr is uniquely positioned to accelerate large, medium and small cosmetics and personal care companies with the innovations and ideas and eliminate the inefficiencies so they can bring high-quality and sustainable products to market, faster. Freyr is a trusted brand catering to Fortune 500 and local specialized boutiques, manufacturers, distributors and marketers of cosmetics, finished products and raw materials in the areas of Regulatory Intelligence, International Product Representation, Product Registration, Safety Assessment Reports and International Labeling Compliance.

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Sealed Air is in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to leave our world better than we found it. Our solutions and systems include CRYOVAC® brand food packaging, SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging, AUTOBAG® brand automated systems and BUBBLE WRAP® brand packaging. These brands collectively enable a more efficient, secure and less wasteful global food supply chain and enhance commerce through fulfillment and packaging solutions to protect the worldwide movement of goods.

Sealed Air’s industry-leading expertise in science, engineering, and innovation transforms businesses, industries, and consumers’ lives. The company continues to expand its portfolio of next-generation sustainable solutions including packaging materials, automated systems, and smart services to deliver savings and create measurable long-term value.

Sealed Air generated $4.9 billion in sales in 2020 and has approximately 16,500 employees who serve customers in 115 countries. To learn more, visit 

DayGlo Color Corp. is the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments. We develop technologies that improve and enhance any color, from subtle specialty effects, to glow-in-the-dark pigments, to our classic range of fluorescents that react under black light.

We’re proud of our heritage and the role our fluorescents played in pop culture history. From the days of disco to punk rock and pop-art posters to graffiti on the Berlin Wall – No matter the trend, no matter the event, DayGlo was there making things brighter, bolder and so much cooler! But there’s a lot more to DayGlo than just fluorescents.

With our extensive technical expertise and diversified product lines, DayGlo has served the world’s color marketplace since the 1930’s. At DayGlo, we even make colors better – richer reds, deeper blues, and even make colors glow in the dark!

Discover for yourself our custom color solutions for packaging, consumer goods, plastics, graphic arts, paints & coatings, dyes & textiles, as well as the personal care & cosmetics ingredients industries.

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Inventicon stands for Industries + Events + Ideas + Concepts. Inventicon Business Intelligence is the end result of a decade long effort by the founders in the space of business information. We develop sector focused informational conferences and training workshops. Our conferences revolve around current scenarios and opportunities in the global market place and provide timely opportunities for solution providers to meet their target market and for end users to take back key learning and experiences. Our events act as a point of convergence for senior industry professionals who strive for innovation, strategy and commercial drive. Delegates can expect to hear from industry's best practitioners, get in direct contact with regulators and stimulate high level discussions with peers. The training portfolio is dedicated to developing skill sets around complex workplace and functional issues as they need constant honing. Our in-house training offerings are particularly useful for companies who prefer a customized agenda.

The bespoke events portfolio aims at crisp round table discussions involving a targeted group of end users in a multi-city format. In true sense, we aspire to disseminate critical business intelligence to the rapidly growing corporate and institutional world in the country and not limited to a specific sector.